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KnightHawk Engineering Current Projects

KnightHawk Current Projects

Compressor High Vibration – Petrochemical

Stripper Tower Failure Analysis – Petrochemical

Waste Remediation Equipment Design – Oil & Gas

Liquid Ring Compressor Failure – Petrochemical

CFD of Separator – Petrochemical

Hydrogen Gas Reformer Design – Oil & Gas

RCF of Corroded Pipe – Oil & Gas

Air Compressor Failure – Petrochemical

Critical Pipe Stress – Petrochemical

Vertical Cast Transporter Failure – Nuclear Power

Flue Gas Cooler – Petrochemical

Compressor Cross Head Failure – Oil & Gas

Transient Fluid Dynamics – Petrochemical

API Tanks FFS – Petrochemical

Structural Analysis – Petrochemical

Transfer Line Exchanger – Petrochemical

Flare Design Analysis – Petrochemical

Fit for Service Analysis – Petrochemical

Tensile Testing – Manufacturing

CFD of PSV Systems – Petrochemical

Motor Shaft Failure – Petrochemical

Gas Pipeline Coupling Failure – Oil & Gas

Ultra High Pressure Vessel FFS – Petrochemical

Reciprocating Compressor Failure – Petrochemical

Pump Vibration Analysis – Petrochemical

Corrosion Analysis – Gas Pipeline

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