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Failure Analysis, Pipe Stress Analysis, Structural Dynamics

Case STudies

KnightHawk Engineering (KHE) has executed hundreds of projects since its inception. Following are several case studies that present a sampling of the type of projects we are traditionally involved with. Please contact us for further information concerning these case studies or our capabilities.

Transfer Line Exchanger

Design of High Temperature, Pressurized Ash Grinder

Coker Blowdown Pipe Rupture

Steam Blowdown Failure

Refinery Fire Investigation

Premature Corrosion Puts Plant at Risk

Field Survey of Compressor Train

Turbine Vibration Field Study

Optimize Gas Flow in TLE using CFD

Spread Shaft Analysis on Folio Sheeter

Investigation of Coupling Failure & Alignment of Turbine/Compressor

Train Balance, Rotordynamic Analysis and Rotor Redesign

Furnace Coil Failure Analysis and System Assessment

Life Evalution and Repair Option for CO2 Compressor

Static and Dynamic Analysis of Structural Modification

Repair Option for API Storage Vessel

Failure Analysis of Compressor Frame Extension

Piping Design for the Removal of Expansion Joints

Design of Conveying System with Overhead Crane

Energy Balance Analysis for Hydraulically Operated Facility

Pelletizing Die Troubleshooting

Elastic-Plastic ASME Code Analysis of a Selective Linear Exchanger

Non-Linear Creep Analysis of Furnace Coil

Structural Dynamics of Furnace Coil

Rush Pipe Stress Analysis of Refinery Piping

Vibration Analysis of Steam By-pass Valve

Piping Vibration - the Process Solution

Structural Dynamics - Process Equipment Structure

Emergency Process Equipment Design

Bearing Failure Analysis

Compressor Surge Analysis

Machine Condition Assessment of Agitator Gearbox

Centrifugal Compressor Failure Analysis

Liquid Ring Compressor Failure Analysis

Centrifugal Compressor Failure & Performance Shortfall Analysis

Gear Pump Performance Shortfall Analysis

Chlorine Compressor Failure Analysis

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