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Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering of critical equipment should only be handled by companies with the expertise, technology, and available equipment to ensure a successful project. A successful reverse engineering project is more than digitizing a three-dimensional object. At KnightHawk, we have the in-house expertise to model the equipment and the application. This is an essential step in the reverse engineering of critical equipment. We have also kept abreast of the latest technology by training our team in the current methods and updating our equipment.

Our process affords clients the greatest level of confidence possible, in a reverse engineered component. If you have critical rotating or static engineered equipment that needs to be reverse engineered, it deserves the KnightHawk Engineering solution. We will model the equipment by taking the following steps:

  • Create process specification sheet(s)
  • Verify the materials of construction
  • Develop a detailed mechanical specification
  • Perform a materials analysis
  • Utilize our digital laser scanner to recreate the geometry
  • Engineer the upgrade in accordance with the models
  • Develop a performance model based on the geometry collected using CFD and FEA models
  • Take appropriate safeguards to prevent violation of any patents or legal agreements



3D Laser Scanning technology

Laser Scanning

KnightHawk provides metrology services in our lab or on-site. We offer inspection, reverse engineering, as well as 3D modeling. Our advanced scanning tools allow us to inspect and model complex surfaces and objects with our advanced scanning tools. Our portable arm coordinate measuring machine (PCMM) can inspect and model parts that are impractical to move to a stationary CMM. This state-of-the-art scanner allows us to accurately create a CAD replica of the scanned piece. When coupled with our engineering expertise, we can use this modeling data for reverse engineering, design improvement, FEA, and failure analysis.
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